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Guide to Regulations

Regelhjelp.no is a service to enterprises in need of a guide to the vast body of regulations. The website makes it easier for users to find out about requirements related to health, safety and the environment that government authorities have established for their industry. Because regulations are administered by many different agencies, it used to be a time-consuming task to gather complete information about them. Now the requirements set by many different agencies are compiled according to industry on Regelhjelp.no.


Quality-assured, Updated and Prioritised

Regelhjelp.no provides updated, quality-assured regulatory information. The authorities have identified and prioritised the most important requirements and made them available in a searchable format.

Regelhjelp.no was launched for ten different industries in September 2005. The website will be completed by the close of 2007.

Regelhjelp.no targets its service primarily toward general managers and those responsible for matters related to health, safety and the environment in small and medium-sized companies, but safety officers, the general public and large scale enterprises will also benefit from the service.


The information on Regelhjelp.no is organized according to industry. It uses standard industry categories based on industry codes from the Brønnøysund Register Centre.
Information can also be accessed by using the enterprise’s organisation number.

Three levels of Information

The most important requirements for each industry are classified by subject and presented in three tiers or levels: a brief overview of the requirements, in-depth information on the requirements, and authorised texts of the regulations. For each requirement, contact information is provided for the relevant agency.

Industry-specific News

On Regelhjelp.no users can register to receive newsletters and information about regulatory changes related to each industry.

User-friendliness in a Simpler Norway

One of the goals of the Government’s “Action Plan for a Simpler Norway (2005-2009)” is to make regulatory information user-friendly for the business and industrial sector. By using Regelhjelp.no, enterprises can easily learn about the requirements that apply to them without needing in-depth knowledge of the structure of government administration. As a part of the “Action Plan for a Simpler Norway”, Regelhjelp.no is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.

Regelhjelp.no and Altinn

The “Action Plan for a Simpler Norway” states that through Altinn, the common Internet portal for public reporting, the business and industrial sector shall be given relevant, topical information in a simple and expedient manner on the rights and obligations that apply to each individual enterprise. Regelhjelp.no is well positioned to facilitate this, and efforts are now underway to determine how Regelhjelp.no and Altinn can best be integrated to the benefit of the users.

Help with Regulations on Health, Safety and the Environment

Regelhjelp.no has compiled regulatory information on a number of areas, including:

  • working environment
  • fire and explosives protection
  • electrical systems and equipment
  • pollution
  • industrial protection
  • products and consumer services
  • radiation protection

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